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Dogs training part 2:

What are the benefits of exercising together with our dog?
From my point of view – the benefits themselves. Starting from wisely spent time together with the dog, by taking care of his mental and physical condition, ending with strengthening the bond of man with the animal. Classes are conducted on a positive reinforcement, often used to introduce new clicker skills, whose wonderful properties do not need to be explained to anyone.

Dogs are often rewarded by a guide, which in effect brings more confidence and very positive associations. Another issue is the guide itself, whose joy of performing a technically difficult „trick” is definitely greater than with the standard obedience. A dog in the atmosphere „oh you are a master” remembers new things faster and more efficiently than with a dry treatment of it.

During a dog’s fitness, we learn a dog and he’s us. We focus on each of its movements, which helps in everyday life to respond faster to the signals it sends us. It’s easier for us to feel the emotion and know when we should take a break.

The obvious benefit, besides polishing the relationship and working on the dog’s psyche, is nurturing his physical condition. We strengthen the deep muscles, stretch, work on coordination and proprioception (the awareness of where in the space there are parts of the body).

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