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If you don’t like cat memes try like dog memes!

Dogs training part 1:

The dog communicates non-verbally in many different ways. Among the signals signifying the voltage, we can distinguish among others [14]:

Reversing the head – the movement is fast and short or takes longer. The dog uses it when another person suddenly appears in his field of vision or when he is walking in front of him.
Signaling through the eyes through, for example, a gentle look, blinking – the dog performs this signal, for example, in a moment when a person stares into his eyes for too long.
Reversing – a signal indicating high tension in a dog. Used when something happens too quickly or unexpectedly.
Nose licking – a very common signal. The dog licks his nose in a very fast motion. The signal appears when, for example, a dog on a lead approaches a source of fear that it can not avoid.
Immobilization and slow movement – a signal to prevent something, eg two newly met dogs will be very cautious with each other in order not to create a conflict.
Yawning – occurs due to both excitement and horror.
Raising the paw – the dog freezes up with its paw up during anxiety or excitement.
Sniffing the ground – the dog is holding his nose next to the ground and at the same time restlessly observes the surroundings. It is a reaction to big stress, a scream.
Putting down – the position on the back is a signal of submission, while the position on the stomach is a signal of very high tension.

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